Monday, March 7, 2011

Meat Us

Welcome to the site dedicated to our adventures into the world of burgerdom. 

First off, let us introduce ourselves.  Our names are Tyler and Courtney and the name of our blog as you probably now realize is a combination of our names.  Our friends decided to create nicknames for all the couples that we usually hang out with, thus the name "Tyney."  We are from the great state of Kentucky (GO CATS!!!) and enjoy eating a good burger every now and again.  So, the better half, Courtney, decided why not blog about it.  Tyler is here to enjoy the tasty creations and provide some expert opinion while also manning the grill, while Courtney is the creative genius behind the innovative recipes that are sure to come.

Our ultimate quest is just beginning and we are looking forward to sharing our soon to be infamous burger recipes with you.  Until next time, happy burgering!!

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