Monday, March 7, 2011

The Inaugural Burger

To kick off our burger journey, we decided to make a burger with ingredients we had in the fridge.  Gotta be creative, right?  Plus, we are mere twenty-somethings with little cash to spare on expensive ingredients, so this is what we have!

The Inaugural Burger

The burger:
Ground angus beef
Worcestershire sauce
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste

The toppings:
Asiago cheese slices
Grilled red onion slices
Sauteed mushrooms

The bun:
Artisan hamburger bun

Juicy deliciousness.

                                                                   Yeah.  We liked it.

                                         Here's Tyler eating the tasty Inaugural burger!

The Verdict:
Tyler's Take:
5.5 out of 10 

I think for my takes I will start out with a rating of the burgers that we eat.  This seems to make sense to me and as of right now I have no real idea of how we are going to rate this so here goes nothing.  Presentation was pretty good as you all can tell.  Looked like a very good burger, and for at least once I cooked it proper, with just a little pink showing through the middle.  This made for a pretty juicy burger that had a good texture and just fell apart in your mouth.  I could definitely taste the asiago cheese and unfortunately this round I feel like it took over the mushrooms and onions just a little too much.  It took away from the overall taste because I couldn't make out the mushrooms and onions all that well.  If you like mushrooms however, I feel it is always best to keep them pretty much solo on a patty as many things can over power a cooked mushroom.  I figured a 5.5 was sufficient for the fact that we have nothing to compare anything to as of yet.  It was a good burger overall but improvements can be made.  On to the next I say!!

I will try to make some grilling tips as I find them out myself along the way as well.  If you have not used much in the way of worcestershire sauce or any other liquid while forming patties and then grilling them, then you may not know to leave them on the grill for a few minutes before even attempting to flip. If you touch them too early they will most likely fall apart on you.  Make sure before you flip that the side on the grill is cooked enough to be firm.  You will need the firmness in order to pick it off the grill.

Courtney's Take:
6 out of 10

I have made many burgers in my day, and for the first burger, this one is average.  The toppings were somewhat thrown together from things we had in the fridge, so they didn't mesh in the best way.  Eh, I have some things to learn.

I am always a fan of grilled onions, so I really enjoyed that aspect.  However, what really stood out about this burger was the meat.  The patties were formed well, not too packed together, and were grilled perfectly (props to Tyler).  The worcestershire sauce enhanced the flavor of the meat, and I basically wanted to gobble it up as fast as was humanly possible.  The next burger we make could easily be made using this same patty--definitely a winner in my book.

The asiago cheese would be better placed on an Italian-style burger.  I had never had asiago before, and I found it to be very strong and similar to parmesan.  A good cheese, but better placed on a burger with some stronger flavors and not ones that can be easily masked like the mushrooms.  I also felt like this burger was lacking some type of sauce, something to make the burger more juicy.  I have some habanero pineapple salsa that is just itching to get out of the burger, perhaps?

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